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Product Announcement

nProtex Released!

By | Product Announcement

nProtex is a comprehensive security reporting tool for two-tiered Niagara AX® and N4 Networks. It offers scheduled and on-demand reporting of security policy adherence. All generated Reports are saved for future comparison. Reports, past and present, are visualized in a clear and responsive web interface.

Periscope 4.0 Released!

By | Product Announcement

Periscope 4.0 has been released! Among the many updates in this latest release includes the integration with SkySpark v3.0. Now that Periscope has the ability to run directly on SkySpark, data can be imported and analyzed with this popular rule-based analytics platform! Other features include the new Liquid Gauge, and Timeline viewlets, and many other improvements!

Honeywell EagleAX Plant Controller

By | Product Announcement

Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of EagleAX Plant Controller, providing a Plant Controller running Niagara to the WEBs portfolio. WEB-EAGLEAX26 is a plant controller with 26 on-board Input-Output points which can be expanded up to 400 points using the panel-bus I/O modules. This plant controller is supported by WEBs-AX 3.8.u1 software. Although, this Controller supports Niagara and can act in a capacity as a Supervisory controller, it is best positioned as a plant controller due to its license capacity.

Download the datasheet to learn more! 31-00126

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